By Mary Purdy

We are standing side by side at the counter when I hear her say, “It’s my birthday today.” 

I turn to her and squeal, “It’s my birthday today too!  Happy birthday!”

There isn’t  much of a response.  I think I hear a quick intake of breath, but she doesn’t look at me.  I hand over my driver’s license to the woman behind the counter.

 “You get half off your entry to the spa today,” she says and I grin in anticipation of this yearly treat I give myself.   I can hear my fellow Aquarian having the same conversation with another woman behind the counter.

 “I thought  it was free on your birthday,” she  says.

 “Oh, no, we changed that policy last year,”  the woman behind the counter responds.  As I start to sign the credit card bill for $17.50 I can see the woman next to me exiting the building.  I turn to the women behind the counter.