About Mary Purdy

I'm a former actor/writer/solo performer turned Registered Dietitian, who likes to dabble in the creative arts for the sheer joy of expressing the creative whimsies that go on in my head, when I'm not thinking about diabetes and the power of kale. 

MY REGISTERED DIETITIAN NUTRITIONIST SELF BIO: MARY PURDY MS RDN, holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University. She was in private practice for 8 years and now works as a coach with the Scientific Wellness Company, Arivale using personalized genetic data and cutting edge science to guide clients in improving their health.  She remains adjunct professor at Bastyr University and clinical supervisor at their teaching clinic. Mary has provided online detox programs and given over a hundred wellness presentations for local businesses. She is Past President of the Greater Seattle Dietetic Association and currently Communications Chair for Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She has been interviewed on Seattle’s Public Radio & quoted in national publications like Prevention, Health, and Today’s Dietitian.

MY CREATIVE SELF BIO:  I have mostly performed my material, both in the form of solo theatrical pieces (fictional and biographical) and as read aloud personal essays at literary evenings and story telling events.   I wrote two full length solo shows "PURDY WOMAN"  &  “Judy Blume Owes Me” which were produced in NYC, LA and featured in a number of festivals. I have attended two 10 day long Artist Retreats through www.TheField.org and have facilitated several of their workshops on solo performance and writing. Over the past 5 years I have participated regularly in both online and in person writing classes and conferences and have been a member of a writing group that meets monthly and provides feedback..  I was co-artistic director of the  solo show/writing collective “Unicycle Collective” from 2007-2012  and have a weekly writing practice with the focus being on short personal essays, flash non fiction and humor. My essays have been published in online literary magazines like www.BigBrickReview.com, www.epiphmag.com, www.thehiggsweldon.com and www.MidLife Collage.com

ABOUT THE BLOG: Just wanted to give you a sense of how you might navigate this blog. I have written a number of essays, monologues, outbursts and so on over the years and am finally trying to put them "OUT THERE" for people to read. They are all a little different. Feel free to click on any piece that sounds of interest to you. Some are shorter and some are longer. There's something for everyone. There's something not for everyone. I'll be adding at least one "new"/"old" piece at least once/week. If you enjoy the writing, I'd be ever so grateful if you followed the blog and/or sent along to your pals who may enjoy it as well! Thanks so much for actually taking the time to read through this and to take a look through an essay or two. I'm honored to have you here and welcome your comments. - Mary Purdy