Gosh, It's Great to See You!

It’s so great to see you! I’m really glad we’re taking time out of our busy schedules to spend quality time together over coffee. Is it possible that the last time I saw you was at Jennifer’s wedding? I still cannot get over those dresses she had us all wear. But I guess that’s what you do for old friends.  But seriously. it’s been way too long and I’d love to tell you how things are going in my life and hear about all your latest adventures. 

First, let me just get my I-phone out and put it on the table in case it buzzes or wants to ding and tell me that someone has liked my post from yesterday, which I thought was super creative.  Did you read it?  It was a quote from Maya Angelou about loving oneself and not being afraid. Something like “Our deepest fear is all about…something...” Didn’t we take a women’s studies class in college together where we dissected one of her poems for like 6 weeks? Oh wait, let me just bring it up and I can show you.  Here it is. 

Omigod, someone commented on it.  ‘You go girl!” That is so sweet!  I love Facebook.

 Oh, and my friend Laura just posted photos of her new baby! 


When I was 5 I Loved...

When I was 5 I loved:

  • Bradley
  • That stuffed Toto dog that grew grayer every month
  • A green bikini I wore in Mexico - paraded around as I munched on mangoes
  • Bienvenudo, my invisible dragon I imagined on the end of my invisible leash
When I was 10 I loved:
  • Zachary
  • Stickers that puffed out, glowed in the dark, whirled around on the page of my scrapbook
  • Rice Krispie Treats melting in my mouth
  • Pirates of Penzance, the Mikado and Annie whom I was sure I would play one day

When I was 25 I loved:

  • John
  • That enormous coffee table that could have fit us both inside
  • Earring,s one of which always ended up going missing
  • The gatherings in my home of women telling stories, making us laugh, strutting their wares
Now at 43 I love
  • Keith
  • Kale
  • Whidbey Island
  • Any sign that the world might be a better place than I think it is
  • The feeling of possibility when it is finally 75 degrees and I can think