Lentil Soup Makes You Think

1.     You don’t know what to eat.  You look in the fridge and your cabinets and nothing looks good, or everything seems too complex.  Lentil soup seems nice, but how do you actually make it if you don’t have all the ingredients?  Are bay leaves really necessary? ‘Cause goshdarnitt, the last can of lentil soup was eaten by your roommate.

2.     Your roommate snores.  Snores because she has sleep apnea – Snores because no one is there to tell her that she does.  But you know.  You know because you hear it late at night when you are up in the kitchen peeking into the cookie jar and wondering if crumbs count as calories, and wondering if this will be the last night before you start the diet that seems so promising.

3.     You promised yourself you’d stick with it, and try again,  take one more trip to see the nutritionist because it seems like a good idea and gives you a way of feeling like you did something with your day.  You show up and tell your story, admitting  to her what you keep secret from most and she says “It’s ok. Let’s start again.”  And you feel better. She gives you a recipe for lentil soup that’s easy and you promise to buy the ingredients on your way home.


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  2. So glad to see that you've continued writing, Mary. :) This part particularly made me laugh: "peeking into the cookie jar and wondering if crumbs count as calories." ;) Kudos, and keep that pen flowing!