When I was 5 I Loved...

When I was 5 I loved:

  • Bradley
  • That stuffed Toto dog that grew grayer every month
  • A green bikini I wore in Mexico - paraded around as I munched on mangoes
  • Bienvenudo, my invisible dragon I imagined on the end of my invisible leash
When I was 10 I loved:
  • Zachary
  • Stickers that puffed out, glowed in the dark, whirled around on the page of my scrapbook
  • Rice Krispie Treats melting in my mouth
  • Pirates of Penzance, the Mikado and Annie whom I was sure I would play one day

When I was 25 I loved:

  • John
  • That enormous coffee table that could have fit us both inside
  • Earring,s one of which always ended up going missing
  • The gatherings in my home of women telling stories, making us laugh, strutting their wares
Now at 43 I love
  • Keith
  • Kale
  • Whidbey Island
  • Any sign that the world might be a better place than I think it is
  • The feeling of possibility when it is finally 75 degrees and I can think

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