Gosh, It's Great to See You!

It’s so great to see you! I’m really glad we’re taking time out of our busy schedules to spend quality time together over coffee. Is it possible that the last time I saw you was at Jennifer’s wedding? I still cannot get over those dresses she had us all wear. But I guess that’s what you do for old friends.  But seriously. it’s been way too long and I’d love to tell you how things are going in my life and hear about all your latest adventures. 

First, let me just get my I-phone out and put it on the table in case it buzzes or wants to ding and tell me that someone has liked my post from yesterday, which I thought was super creative.  Did you read it?  It was a quote from Maya Angelou about loving oneself and not being afraid. Something like “Our deepest fear is all about…something...” Didn’t we take a women’s studies class in college together where we dissected one of her poems for like 6 weeks? Oh wait, let me just bring it up and I can show you.  Here it is. 

Omigod, someone commented on it.  ‘You go girl!” That is so sweet!  I love Facebook.

 Oh, and my friend Laura just posted photos of her new baby! 
So cute!  Look at him. He looks like a little cross eyed 82 year old!   Don’t you love that hipster onesie? I totally wish I could get away with wearing one of those.  One day, they are going to come into fashion for adults!  And wow, look at this, my friend Roger posted that awesome youtube video about a shark that came up on shore and tore someone’s leg off!  It is so scary.  Have you heard about it?  You should totally check it out. 

Let me look at your page. Wow! Looks like you went to  a parade this past weekend.  I had no idea!  It looks like so much fun.  That is such a cute picture of you and Dave – on top of that lamppost, and what are you wearing?  Matching Hawaiian shirts!  I guess there was an aquatic theme?  Oh, yeah, you say right here: “Me and Dave at the Mermaid Parade.” Aww….cuteness. I cannot believe you guys are still together.  You are like the only couple I know that actually courted in person instead of texting. I don’t know how you did it.   So sweet. Let’s see what else you have been doing.
Oh, looks like last weekend you went on a hike. Very nice rock in the background there. Remember that big hike we took in the Adirondacks that weekend where we sat on a big boulder and worked out our 5 year plan? Interesting how that turned out, huh?

  What else….ah…this past Tuesday: “Does anyone know of a good house painter?”  Well, you got a few responses with ideas. I would have totally recommended someone if I had seen that. What time was that?  Hmmmm… I think I was out of range on Tuesday while travelling back from a job up north so I didn’t check Facebook from 2-4pm.  Totally missed it.   I’m so sorry.  I know the greatest painters.  They re-did our bathroom last year. What were you looking to get painted? 

Oh, I see, you wrote right here to Harriet, (isn’t that your Aunt?) ALSO asking the same question! Your dining area.  Nice.  Well, I’m glad you found somebody.  What else have you been doing?  Looks like the painting thing was your last post. 

Oh, you shared some of your friends’ posts over the last couple days.  Hmmmm… you sure do like the Huffington post a lot, huh?  They have some great articles.  I think a friend, or I should say “Facebook friend” of mine posts a lot of stuff from them.   We only know each other on Facebook.  I’ve never actually met her, but she shared a post of mine about cage free chickens so  I friended her.  I’m not sure where she was from.

Oh, wait I can just google her name and find out. Sally Hamilton.

Oh, dear there are a lot.  Did you know there was an actress named Sally Hamilton?  I don’t think that’s the same one as my friend/Facebook friend.  Let’s see what she’s been in.  Checking IMDB – huh- nothing major just some indie films.  Let’s see, who else there is named Sally Hamilton. Omigosh, there are a bunch of dead Sally Hamilton’s from the 1890’s.  I guess….Hamilton…. wasn’t that the name of a president from that time?.  Hold on….googling….president…Hamilton.  Ah yes….Alexander Hamilton.

Oh that’s right he was the one who had the duel with Aaron Burr.  I’m suddenly transported back to 7th grade and Professor Danson.  I almost failed that history class.   I think I might be related to him distantly – Aaron Burr, not Mr. Danson. My mom sent me this email about it a couple months back, let me see if I can find it.  

Gosh, it’s so great to talk with you!  

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  1. This is a great piece of writing. I hope you are not reading this out loud to some lunch companion Mary.