31 Day Writing Daily Challenge Blog Post #1: Hail to Chia


Hail to Chia, thou mighty seed of grace and goodness.  Crackle thyself in my mouth as I tenderly place you between my teeth, roll you around with my tongue, tasting and feeling you with my mucilaginous flesh.  Thoughts of your salubrious nature churn in my brain as I remind myself the litany of benefits your small little wonder offers. Alone and solo as a seed, you are so puny, so inconsequential, but armed with 100’s of your fellow chia soldiers, you are a battalion of force! A yummy army not to be reckoned with.  I shall not try to stop you as you forge your way down my throat and into my belly (your battlefield of acid) and pass  into my intestinal safe haven where you digest slowly offering potent minerals to help build blood, muscle, skin and nails.  You offer up your fiber, your fat and your protein and I gladly accept.  I yield to your power and exalt your economical bang for the buck. 

Your namesake conjures up mocked commercials from the the decade of the 70's, but you and I both know, you are more complex than a jingle.  Your artistry  extends beyond simply growing out the head of ceramic tiger,  sprouts a waste as animal hair instead of nurturing the inside railway tract of the abdominal world. 

Yet,you remain unfamiliar to most despite your power and glory understood and acclaimed by those in the nutritional know.  We send tantalizing recipes of  plumped "chia seed pudding" replete with vanilla, cardamom and honey to tempt others to cross over to this seedy world, join the ranks of those who appreciate the power that you can yield. 

There is more to you than than your unimpressive grain-of -sand appearance and I can just feel you bubbling around in my mouth as you begin your descent to my belly. 

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